Honua Conditioner Bar - Mint Chocolate

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Honua solid shampoo and conditioner bars will give you soft, shiny goddess hair right from the very first wash thanks to their unique blend of actives + botanicals.

Introducing our Mint Chocolate solid shampoo and conditioner bars! These bars are fragranced with a sumptuous blend of peppermint essential oil and raw non-deodorised organic cacao butter. These two combined produce the most heavenly of scents; this bar is sure to be a firm favourite for any chocolate lover.
The creamy chocolate colour of this bar comes from the big kahuna of hair ingredients, Rhassoul Clay. This ingredient is basically the bomb, and here's why:
Also known as Moroccan Lava Clay, this truly is THE clay when it comes to haircare; it prevents hair breakage, moisturises, boosts healthy growth and unblocks clogged follicles. It has been used by North African women for hair and skin care for centuries and comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The name derives from the verb 'rassala', meaning 'to wash' in Arabic. It is a fantastic cleanser and grease remover, as well as giving a slight foaming effect.
This new range of naturally nourishing, fabulously foamy and long-lasting shampoo and conditioner bars come in four amazing scents!

Handmande in Australia - vegan + cruelty free, made with sustainably sourced ingredients. pH balanced and soap-free, using gentle coconut derived cleanses to clean.

Zero plastic - Zero waste - Zero sulfates - Zero parabens - Zero silicones - Zero phtalates - Zero worries