Mermaid Basket

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One of our most special pieces - an ethically handwoven Mermaid Basket from Sandona, Colombia

Created by skilled artisans in this vibrant community, this one-of-a-kind basket is not just a functional home accessory but a work of art that reflects the rich traditions of craftsmanship and sustainability.

These talented artisans have honed their skills over generations. By purchasing this basket, you are supporting their dedication to preserving their cultural heritage.

This beautiful basket is made from 100% Iraca palm, a renewable and eco-friendly resource, making it a conscious choice for your home decor.

Size - Measures 18cm in diameter and standing 8cm tall

Colour - Natural coloured basket, with colour in Mermaid feature

As this item is handmade, there can be slight variations to the featured picture and your item.