Seastraw Clear Glass Straw in Bamboo Case

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Do you want to give glass straws a go? But, the word 'glass' is freaking you out? Well, this set is for you! This reusable straw case made from bamboo will keep your glass straw safe wherever you are. Finally, you can ditch the plastic straw!

Our single straw set includes a clear glass straw + cleaning brush + reusable straw case. The bamboo case keeps the glass straw safe everywhere you go.

Note: To remove the bamboo lid TWIST and PULL. The lid will get easier to remove the more you use it.

If the straw gets chipped or broken pop it in the recycle bin immediately. Young children are to be supervised at all times.

5% of the profit from the sale of these straws goes to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy to help preserve our beautiful reef.

20cm (same as a standard straw)