Handwoven Seashell Placemat

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Introducing Our Exquisite Handwoven Shell Placemat.

Elevate your dining experience with our stunning Handwoven Shell Placemats, straight from the heart of Usiacurí, Colombia. Crafted with love and care by the skilled artisans of this coastal community, these placemats seamlessly blend coastal, bohemian, and tropical aesthetics to bring a touch of paradise to your home.

Ethically made, these placemats, will not just add beauty to your home; but you're supporting the livelihoods of the talented artisans of Usiacurí.

These exquisite placemats are handwoven using a blend of Iraca Palm and a sturdy wire structure. The Iraca Palm not only adds a natural and organic touch but also ensures durability, making these placemats perfect for everyday use.

With their delicate shell shape and a soothing duck-egg blue trim, these placemats capture the essence of coastal living. They effortlessly infuse your home or dining table with a refreshing oceanic vibe, transporting you to a beachside haven with each meal.

Measuring 13.7 inches in width, these placemats provide ample space to elegantly frame your table settings or anywhere in your home. 

Order your Handwoven Shell Placemats today and bring the beauty of Colombia's coastal traditions to your table. Embrace the artistry, support sustainable practices, and make a statement with every meal.